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This site is dedicated to Cindy
In this first paragraph, I should introduce myself,
my name is Judy and I have built this website for you. You, unlike myself, have gone to several websites and have been unable to express yourself. This site is designed for that purpose.
This site was designed on June 22, 2001
This site was designed exclusively for any discussion about Adoption that you may have. Us adoptees are interested in hearing your side of the story.

Please, get your coffee, come in and look around. Your input will be greatly appreciated by those who visit.

I have added a Guest Book, please feel free to sign it and leave any comments you may have.
Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements
As I get more knowledgeable in this field, I will add more enhancements. Come back to this site on a regular basis and check it out. On this visit, please feel free to sign my guest book and leave any comments about this site you may have. Your input will control what does and does not go into here. This is your site, help me design it.

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As you are surfing this site, please feel free to click on to banners and advertisements that may appear. Remember this is your site so feel comfortable doing what you wish.